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Smoking Regulations in Mississippi

Sections 29-5-160 through 29-5-163 of the Mississippi Code are cited as the “Mississippi Clean Indoor Air Act.”[i]

Under the laws of Mississippi, no person can smoke in any government building.  However, smoking is permitted in the designated smoking areas of the state veterans home operated by the State Veterans Affairs Board.  No person is allowed to smoke in any university or college classroom building except in designated smoking areas.  There should also be signs posted informing employees, invitees, guests and other persons that smoking is prohibited in the building.  Steps should also be taken to secure the removal of persons who smoke in the building.[ii]  The law of Mississippi permits the local governments to regulate smoking more stringently than the Act. 

 [i] Miss. Code Ann. § 29-5-160

[ii] Miss. Code Ann. § 29-5-161

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